Wednesday, October 24, 2007

EclipseCon Submission Deadline: Sooner than you think

Sure, November 19th sounds like it's a long time away. Especially if you're a PHB: "We could build an entire operating system by then!"

But really -- October 25 is tomorrow, people! And October 26 is right after that! (Work with me here...) and then it will be November 20th before you know it, and all your friends will be laughing at you for missing the EclipseCon deadline. We really don't want that: everyone looks foolish when one of us is diminished in that way.

So, come on -- there must be dozens of you Little Bobby Tables out there who could give an excellent talk about DTP! Let's have those submissions!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi John.
I have a question. Where I can find information about how to use datatools in my plugins. I mean extension points description and so on. Thank you.
Vladimir Korennoy, Russia, Ryazan

6:06 PM

Blogger John Graham said...

hi Vladimir,

Probably the best way is to download a SDK install of DTP and then refer to the online help under for DTP extenders -- you'll find javadoc and descriptions of the extension points there.

6:07 PM


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