Friday, August 18, 2006


EclipseWorld will be held September 6--8 in Boston, and there's a lot of interesting sessions planned. Based on the web site's main page, Mike certainly seems more than happy to have a talk there. :-)

For those interested in learning more about DTP, Brian Payton and I will be giving a talk on Thursday morning, 8:30 -- 11:00:

How to Improve Database Connectivity With the Data Tools Platform

Loic Julien has a talk on Thursday afternoon, 1:15-2:45:

Architect and Build High-End Data Tools Solutions

While not directly related to DTP, my coworkers Maria and David will present along with Lee Anne Kowalski:

Developing Integrated Help and Documentation for Eclipse Applications

While Eclipse offers rich support for user assistance ("help"), these capabilities are not often exploited by projects. The lessons presented in the presentation above can help to flatten the learning curve for those interested in leveraging the full potential of the help components in Eclipse.

Finally, if anyone is interested in meeting with me to talk about DTP, please drop me a note, and we'll set something up!


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