Thursday, August 31, 2006

Visions of data from the platform

It's not uncommon for people to ask me what my long-term goals for DTP are. That is, they are asking about my vision for DTP. Now, "vision" is an interesting term... Looking on Wikipedia, I find the following two senses (among others):

I'll leave you to decide which category the following belongs in...

The Eclipse platform has been a run-away success, and many projects (of course, DTP) ride its coat tails. This is all well and fine, with user reasoning being something like:

  • I want to use Eclipse! It's really cool!
  • Hmm... I need something to work with data sources like databases....
  • Well, here's DTP, and it is in Eclipse
  • So, I guess I'll use that too

No problems here. DTP thanks the platform for the comfortable ride.

But my vision for DTP brings an opposite reasoning process:

  • I want to use DTP! It's really cool!
  • Hmm... It's built on Eclipse
  • Ok, I'll use Eclipse then

Simple, no? In one sentence: I want some significant number of people to start using Eclipse because they wanted to use DTP.

Are we there today in DTP? We've worked really hard over the past couple of releases, and made a lot of progress. But, are we there yet? Honestly, no. Will we ever achieve this vision? Who knows (that's the sign of a good vision, I think), but it sure will be fun trying!

OK, I've stopped having visions...


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