Friday, January 19, 2007

Eclipse Council Meetings

Next week the Eclipse Councils will meet near San Francisco. Since this is the first face-to-face meeting of the year, and since it is Friday afternoon, let's run a small experiment.

The Requirements Council provides input to the other Councils, as well as Eclipse projects in general, about community themes, priorities, and specific requests. This input is very important, and Requirements Council does a great job in bringing a diverse set of perspectives to bear in forming their recommendations. The Planning Council does, well..., planning. Specifically, we work on the overall plans for the coordinated releases (Callisto last year, Europa this year). While a lot of planning does happen online, it is hard to imagine an effort the scope of Callisto or Europa if project representatives didn't sit down together in person once and a while to enforce agree upon a common vision and direction.

Now, here's an exercise for the reader: without repeating the text on the Council page, say a few words about what you imagine the Architecture Council does in practice. What does it bring to the Eclipse community?


Blogger Gunnar said...

In my vision, the Architecture Council defines how the projects depend on each other resp. how they are layered to avoid circular dependencies and to improve the integration between them. The Architecture Council would also actively identify areas where code and concept reuse and evolution is anticipated to provide a common experience for users and developers within and across the projects.

However, I wonder if this particular topic ("architecture") is more affected by the too many cooks and the broth problem than other topics such as planning and requirements.

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