Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Eclipse is smarter than me

When a group of people* get together to perform a collective action, some interesting dynamics can emerge. For example we could end up with the Mob Madness or the Wisdom of Crowds. Since Eclipse is a group of people acting together in building out a common open source platform, let’s consider which alternative emerges. For me, though no doubt some will disagree, I think it is Wisdom of Crowds. In other words, Eclipse is smarter than me.

And this is good thing: we are able to leverage the collective knowledge, experience and wisdom of the Eclipse community (in the broadest sense) to shape future directions. One consequence is a self-correcting system in the long run. While there might be short-term deviations from the best path, the community has a way of adjusting course given enough time. So, criticisms and competition are good, and different perspectives shared in transparent communication channels are great.

What do you think? Is Eclipse smarter than you too?

* or "agents"


Blogger Melinda said...

Teasing the humility or hubris out of people (or agents) shows your triangulating brilliance.

2:18 PM


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