Thursday, October 26, 2006

Using DTP with the JDT

The 10/26 build of DTP 1.0M3 adds a new plug-in containing a first step in integration with Java tooling. This plug-in, org.eclipse.datatools.connectivity.jdt was created based on enhancement request 117318. So, what does it do?

If you go to the Java Build Path-->Libraries tab in the JDT (either when creating a new Java project, or on the properties of an existing Java project):

You then select Add Library:

And notice that there is a "Connectivity Driver Instance" category available. Selecting that category opens the driver page:

You then choose from the set of existing connection profiles, and the associated jar is added to your class path:

There's been interest using DTP with the JDT for a while (for example, bug 113029), and it is good to see a first step in that direction.

We'd be very interested in suggestions about how DTP could be used with the JDT, and of course we wouldn't turn away proposals for contributions :-)


Blogger Anil Samuel said...

As we discussed in last call, it will be good to be able to drag-n-drop db elements onto a Visual Editor for JFX/Swing or JSP/JSF page to support RAD concept.

10:09 PM


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